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Project Brief: Naval Sea Systems Command
Safety Procedure Documents
Wrycan produced complex print ready technical documentation from XML-based content for the United States Navy by designing and implementing XSL transforms to convert the Navy's ETM XML content to 1000+ page policy/procdure manuals.
Wrycan worked with The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine to move them to an XML authoring and publishing environment. This project involved the conversion of thousands of pages on content, creation of an editorial process, deployment of technology to support the editorial process, and development of XSLs that generate high-res, print-ready PDF documents that are compliant with Naval documentation standards.
Wrycan created and delivered a set of custom XSLs that produced compliant, print ready PDFs for the technical manuals with the following layout features:
  • Support the assembly of volume, chapter and procedure document types
  • Support multi-column output
  • Support mixed orientation (portrait/landscape)
  • Support mixed paper size (letter/ledger)
  • Automatic creation of seperate TOC for tables, figures and content
  • Links all cross-referencese (internal and external)
  • Automatic generation of barcodes for document tracking
  • Ability to publish single Procedure document or combined Procedure manual
Example Files
PDF section of a final assembled volume, using sample content.
XML source for the front matter section of a Navy Manual, using sample content.
XML source for the chapter section of a Navy Manual, using sample content.
XML source for the volume assembly map of a Navy Manual, using sample content.
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